Finnish Krav Maga Federation’s coach and instructor training and upper belt intensive days. You can download the content of the page as a PDF file from the link


The aim of the training of coaches and instructors is to ensure the progressive and continuous development of each krav maga practitioner to become a top performer in self-defence. This is achieved through intensive training days in krav maga technique and physical self-defence, as well as through more knowledge-based theoretical training materials. The key is the opportunity to develop oneself and thereby help others to develop.

SKML requirements for different belt levels

Theoretical knowledge

Krav Maga history and systematics

Learning and teaching Krav Maga

Basics of training

Basics of physical training

Technical skills

SKML belt requirements up to blue belt

Theoretical knowledge

Practical development of skill exercises using species analysis

Technical competence

SKML Stroke requirements up to the brown belt

Group management

Structure of an individual exercise

Basic teaching methods in practice

Theoretical knowledge

Itsepuolustuksen lajianalyysi

Lajianalyysin mukaisen harjoituksen rakentaminen

Harjoitusryhmien tavoitteen mukainen ohjelmointi ja sisällön laatiminen

Technical knowledge

SKML belting requirements for black belts.

Construction of exercises according to the species analysis.

Analytical evaluation of self-defence situations and adaptation of exercises.

Theoretical knowledge

Design and programming of skills training

Design and programming of physics training

Technical skills

Organising camps and intensive days 

Designing courses and training programmes targeted at different groups


Completing the training

Online courses

  • Online courses can be registered and completed according to your own schedule
  • Certificates are automatically awarded for online courses and their completion is recorded in the pass
  • The practical coaching demonstrations required for the different levels of coaches are returned to the address provided on the online platform.

Skills training

  • Skills training intensive days and camps are organised in spring and autumn
  • By collecting a sufficient number of achievements in your passport and thus getting your assessments in order, you can start to prepare for your exams..


  • VOK 1 online course package is 250 €
  • VOK 1 four intensive days for 240 €
  • VOK 2 online course package costs 250 €
  • VOK 2 Four intensive days for 240 €
  • VOK 2 firearms course price is 120 €
  • VOK 2 weapon course price 90 €
  • VOK 3 course is 600 €


  • Tests are carried out as agreed with the recipient of the demonstration
  • Once the tests have been completed, you will receive a certificate of training

Training courses

Required skills

Knowledge of the basics of the required theoretical parts.

Completion of the practical parts of the requirements

Preparatory practical training

1 x Weapons threats and operational tactics

1 x Weapon and other impact attacks and operational tactics

1 x Ground Defence

1 x Extractions, extractions and manoeuvres

1 x Participation in a camp event outside your own gym

Preparatory training

Online courses:

  • Krav Maga history and development  
  • Learning and teaching Krav Maga
  • Krav Maga Threats and incidents, psychology and action
  • Krav Maga emergency defence and self-defence
  • Krav Maga belt system


Guided demonstrations (individual exercises of 60 to 90 minutes) and their plans

  1. Weapon threats
  2. Bladed weapons and other striking weapons
  3. Defence on the ground
  4. Release from grips, dragging, knockdowns, throws and control attempts

Required skills

Understand the importance of species analysis as a basis for training and be able to apply it when analysing situations and planning exercises

Preparatory practical training

1 x Weapons threats and operational tactics

1 x Weapon and other striking attacks and operational tactics

1 x Ground Defence

1 x Release from holds, throws, knockdowns, takedowns and control manoeuvres

1x firearms training

1x Weapons training

3 x Participation in a camp event outside your own gym

Preparatory training

Online courses

  • Training and practice of self-defence
  • Anatomy and evaluation of threat situations
  • Evaluation of skills
  • Preparation of a trainee development plan
  • Using the Krav Maga Online system


Training report on the selected group and the observations made in teaching it.

Situation analysis based on the analysis of the discipline for a specific exercise

VaadittavaosaaminenRequired skills

Ability to replicate the philosophy of krav maga in a format suitable for different user groups.

Ability to design training modules in such a way as to achieve the objectives set.

Preparatory practical training

At least one intensive day on each of the topics.

Participate in at least one camping event.

Preparatory theoretical training

Participation in skill and physiology seminars organised by the Olympic Committee/Sport Federation

Use of the Krav Maga Online system for coaching purposes


Holding of camp and intensive days

Preparation of training programmes

Drawing up your own personal development path and annual plan


Becoming an expert in Krav Maga and self-defence is not something that can be achieved in a single course, it is a long path, at the end of which we find that we constantly need more knowledge and practice. There is always something to hone.

Especially those who aim to achieve the rank of black belt should really focus on understanding what krav maga and self-defence is all about. The whole of self-defense must be mastered and that whole is not just technical.