Become a member

Membership of the Finnish Krav Maga Association is open to registered associations that practice the Krav Maga self-defence method. The Association’s autumn meeting decided that the membership fee for 2018 will be 250€. For more information on the benefits, please contact the Chairman of the Federation’s Board of Directors

The membership fee includes the following benefits:

Joint licence insurance

The Finnish Krav Maga Federation offers member clubs and trainees low-cost licence insurance in cooperation with the Finnish Kickboxing Federation. License insurance can be purchased at


OP's Double Insurance for all member clubs

Double cover includes sports liability insurance and accident insurance for volunteering. The insurance covers affiliated sports federations and their districts, regions and member clubs. It also covers regional sport and physical education organisations and the Olympic Committee. The benefits are worth hundreds of euros a year! More information about the new benefit:


OPM eligibility

Most cities require membership of a national sports federation that is a member or affiliate of the Olympic Committee as a condition of eligibility for a facilities and activities grant. For many clubs, this means thousands of euros in benefits every year!

Administrative support and guidance for club management

The fiscal and administrative aspects of association activities sometimes require experience and guidance. The Finnish Krav Maga Federation advises and assists member clubs in these matters as well.

Coach training

SKML offers Coach and Instructor Training I – Level, II- Level and III- Level theoretical parts as well as genre-specific sport parts to member clubs. You can read more about coach training on the website of the Olympic Committee or on the website of the Finnish Krav Maga Federation. With coach training, clubs are able to ensure that they always have the necessary number of competent instructors and coaches at a low cost. In addition, the branches organise their own instructor training courses.

Events, camps, intensive days

Trainees from all member clubs are welcome to attend camps, seminar days and other events supported and organised by the Federation.

Joint marketing

The Federation maintains joint marketing through both its website and Facebook marketing. The aim is to provide nationwide visibility of krav maga to potential new members of the clubs. The focus will be on the beginning of the year and August, when the basic courses usually start.

SKML Youtube

A channel for publishing videos and targeting club-specific marketing!