The Finnish Krav Maga Federation offers license insurance to its member clubs to cover any damage that may occur during training. Licensed persons also receive benefits when participating in events organised by the Federation.

The Finnish Krav Maga Federation, in cooperation with the Finnish Kickboxing Federation, has a licence that can be purchased by each person training in a member club of the Finnish Krav Maga Federation.

The licence must be valid for level tests. In addition, the trainee must have insurance covering Krav Maga training and proof of this at the level tests.

How To Get a licence

You can get your licence and insurance at

Be sure to print out the payment transaction from your online bank as proof of paid license insurance.

Instructions for Use of the Service

  1. Fill in your personal data
  2. Select H-licence. Next, select your club from the menu. Your club name may appear twice in the list if your club also has kickboxing activities. In this case, you should select the one followed by /KM. Next, click on the Accept insurance conditions button.
  3. Click on the insurance conditions to accept them (once you have read and accepted them). Next, click on the Select payment method button.
  4. Select your preferred bank for online payment or print the invoice by clicking on the Print invoice button. If you choose to print the invoice, you can pay for the licence you have chosen later. If you use online payment, remember to return to the vendor’s service from the bank’s website so that the details of your paid license are registered correctly immediately. Remember to use the reference number so that the payment is directed to you. The insurance is valid from midnight on the day of payment.